Wire-O Binding

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  • : Double-Wire
  • : Jewish National Fund
  • : Tree of Life Award Dinner

Many refer to this as double-wire binding because two wires go through a square punched hole. The greatest feature of Wire-O binding: books to lay flat when opened, and fold 360 degrees for single-hand use (a property of all mechanical binding styles). Ideal for products such as instruction manuals, cookbooks, calendars and display and promotional materials.

Since Wire-O binding does not “step up” when opened, images can seamlessly cross over the gutter. Semi-concealed, fully-concealed and mixed stocks; wraparound covers; pockets; foldouts and index tabs can all be incorporated into Wire-O-bound products for increased versatility. Wire-O binding elements are available in multiple colors and diameters to give your books a creative flair.


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